Communications, publicity and events management companies: Are you looking to offer your clients exceptional services for flagship events?
Technical service providers: Are you on the lookout for any technical innovations allowing you to offer a new experience to audiences and spectators?
Theme parks: Do you want to get your visitors coming back year after year while attracting new visitors to maintain your competitive edge?

Pixiel allows you to add a third dimension to your one-off shows and events with the Neopter autonomous drone solution available for services or for sale.
Offer your audience a new experience with a unique aerial artistic creation.

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Pixiel achieves a world first

Pixiel, acknowledged as a front runner and expert in the professional civil drone sector, created an unprecedented autonomous drone-based solution in 2015 for the Puy du Fou park. This system, called Neopter, helps to create scenery in the sky, by day and by night.

This unique solution was implemented at the centre of the Cinéscénie show for the 2016 season, and is able to fly an autonomous fleet of drones, i.e. without a pilot, in a fully programmed manner. An operator just needs to press a button to launch the choreographed sequence. The major artistic advantage of our solution lies in its ability to lift the scenery elements, such as lit candles and flags for example for the 2016 season at Puy du Fou.

Specific authorisation from DGAC

The especially robust and reliable technological solution Neopter received specific authorisation from the DGAC to carry out actions that are typically prohibited! This is why it is a unique solution in the world.

  • Drone flown in a fleet
  • Without a pilot (autonomous drone solution)
  • At night
  • Transport of payloads
  • Within proximity of a public (14,000 spectators)
  • Simplicity of the system

Add the 3rd dimension to your top-of-the-line events

Pixiel has fully designed this innovative autonomous drone-based system. By using this solution, you push back the limits to carry out a unique and prestigious event with boundless possibilities for artistic creations.

The drones are quick and easy to use and may be programmed to intervene several times during a show in keeping with various choreographies that can be reproduced at each performance. We provide support to customers from the feasibility study to technical implementation in advance and on the location of the event, in addition to covering all the necessary regulatory steps. Once the solution has been configured by our teams, it is rolled out in the blink of an eye to decorate the skies of your events. Thanks to its ease-of-use, a short training session of your own teams will help you to safely operate the system.

The sky as a new stage set


The challenge met with Puy du Fou helped us to create a new experience for the show which combines both human resources and new technologies!
By incorporating 3rd dimension, our drones are able to forge a genuine connection between the sky and the earth to incite a new emotion. A unique and unexpected experience that we would like to develop abroad.

In the meantime, we are preparing the 2017 season of Cinéscénie which undoubtedly will enthrall the spectators of Puy du Fou once again. Learn more

Gaëtan RAULT, Entertainment drone solution manager