Pixiel is currently designing the flying robot of tomorrow!

Since its creation in 2011, Pixiel has made innovation the central focus of its business. The company has always designed and created its own drones, in the past for audio-visual services and at present for the security and entertainment industries.

Drone technological expertise

Pixiel has expertise in all the design and development stages of its autonomous drone solutions. In the absence of technological standards for drones, the company closely complies with those of the aviation sector to ensure that all subassemblies are safe and reliable.
As a means of overcoming the technological hurdles and design the flying robot, Pixiel controls both the physical components of the drone (frame, printed circuit boards, payloads, ground bases, etc.) and its software assemblies.
Pixiel has decided to develop all its technological bricks in-house in order to retain its innovation capacity.

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Technological patents

Innovation is the central focus of Pixiel’s drone designer-manufacturer business.
Our engineers in electronics, embedded software, industrial design and mechatronics design and develop proprietary programs for which Pixiel has already filed 7 patents.

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R&D design office

Pixiel is able to meet the demands of industrial manufacturers who are interested in innovating by incorporating the drone into their value chain, irrespective of their business sector. In its early years working across the globe, Pixiel has been able to acquire unparalleled experience and the many conditions and constraints that it has overcome have helped Pixiel to adapt to the specific requirements of its customers.

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Our R&D team

Innovation is the central focus of Pixiel Group. In order to stand, and to stay at the forefront of technology, our team of experts is made up of electronics engineers, software architects, industrial designers, and drone specialized technicians…

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Business segments

As an expert drone manufacturer, the Pixiel Group provides services to professionals in the entertainment industry and training.


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